How to enhance our emotional and mental biology by following your stars.

Everything in life is movement and change. If you look around you, you will realize that there is an ever-present constant: cycles. Nature shows us a variety of cyclical manifestations. Among these are the cycles of the lunar phases and their effect on the tides, female menstrual cycles, or the seasons. So much in life is cyclical! To learn to live in tune with these cycles or biorhythms and make our life experience a dynamic and fulfilling one, it is essential to make the universe our ally and work with them. When we are in tune with the universe and its cycles we are able to work with it to help us yield the most optimal ourcomes on our path. When it comes to astrology, this attunement helps us sync with the rhythm of the planets and know when to make certain moves and when not to.

Each of the planets of the solar system has its own rhythm, a sort of “cosmic dance.”. For just an instant, close your eyes and imagine yourself a part of this dance—it could be fascinating or perhaps disconcerting. Everything depends on how you resonate with the universe. The planets move at their own rhythm and pace, without interfering with each other. This is an example of universal harmony. We cannot influence them. We cannot say, “Uranus, please stop, you are dancing too fast.” or tell Saturn “Hurry up, you are dancing too slow”. The important thing is to be in “resonance” with the planets. In other words, we need to have a receptive attitude to receive the influence they emit and direct it towards our transcendental purposes and goals, or even to simply take advantage of material, intellectual or economic potentials that lie within this dance. Everything depends on where you direct your intention.

We have a clock that marks the time within a day, and there is a clock that marks the times and moments on a planetary scale. We have a challenge, and that is to synchronize ourselves with this cosmic time. It is an adventure full of joys, sorrows, successes and mistakes, but also one of evolution and growth if we take lessons from each experience.

This work has a beginning, and it is when the Astro king touches the vernal point between March 20 and 21 of each year. This astronomical event sets into motion a cosmic force, which provides a favorable catalyst to begin our projects. Further, each month of the year has a symbolic structure, which is related to the symbolism of the constellations, the signs of the zodiacal wheel. At birth, in a given month, each one of us receives an influence, which serves as a guide with respect to our inclinations and general characteristics. Knowing the biorhythm of your zodiac sign will help you tune in little by little with the universal cosmic rhythm.

Look up your sun sign below and see the energy in your sign for the next three months starting on March 20th this year.


ARIES With the passage of the Sun through the vernal point, at 0º degrees of Aries, a new beginning dawns. With this you have the opportunity to establish new life guidelines, to give your year a new dynamic. You receive the planetary influence that predisposes you to deploy all your energy towards goals of high magnitude or a project that demands the best of you. Channel your courage in a positive way, otherwise you will be overcome by anger, thus wasting the energy pool. You will experience openness and greater fluidity in your relationships and contacts. You will feel an increase in your charm and charisma. New doors will open up for you.

Key: Zero dispersion, keep your focus without losing sight of the goal, otherwise you will lose opportunities. Manage your time well.

stone: Rose quartz

TAURUS The sky pushes you to make changes and transformations in your life. Good time to reevaluate your projects, analyze your circumstance and opportunities, and make the necessary adjustments to move forward. The next three months you will feel a deep desire to give your life a different turn. You receive the influence of Uranus. This cycle marks an accelerated expansion stage. Unsuspected opportunities will be presented. A 180º turn comes to you.

Key:Success is in doing things differently from what you are doing. Avoid postponing changes and don’t force things; everything has it’s own timing. Pay attention to the right moment for taking action.

stone: Topaz

GEMINI Moment of loving opening! This period that begins is loaded with good vibrations for your romantic life whether you are with someone or not. It is a very special time to connect with your heart and vibrate in unison with passion, adventure, sweetness, kindness. There are opportunities that allow you to continue making progress in your work and social life. Connections are given to influential people.

Key: Consider a total change of your personal look, give a more refreshing touch to your image, change your way of dressing, your accessories.

stone: Red jasper

CANCER This is a highly stimulating cycle for you presenting demanding situations and pressures that put you at the limit. Life asks you to give your best. Avoid forcing things, it is best to flow in harmony with the circumstances and mediate between conflicts. Your allies for this period will be creativity, leadership and the power of intention. You may be surprised with travel or moving to a new place. In the family environment, you must connect more with your brothers and cousins.

Key: Order and discipline, is the best thing to counteract the karmic cycle that you are currently experiencing.

stone: Emerald

LEO  During this period you have three allies: self-motivation, creativity and enthusiasm. They will help you overcome the difficulties imposed by the cosmic administrator. The family environment will be transform in certain ways, especially conflicts with siblings over issues not resolved in the past. At work hidden things come to light, the truth comes to light and many things are clarified in your favor. Greater fluidity in communication is very important. Avoid keeping things and express yourself clearly, do not leave for tomorrow what you can say today.

Key: Creative attitude, take out all your potential and demonstrate to yourself everything you can do. Have faith in winning! stone: Citrine quartz

VIRGO Excellent cycle for professional growth and expansion. There may be a promotion you should go after or take a leap of faith on an entrepreneurial project. In the love plane it is a difficult period—changes, crises, fights, ruptures, withdrawal are activated. Good time to start training, go to the gym, dance, keep your body moving so you can drain the excess energies that you will receive.

Key: use your energy to undertake a new project, make internal transformations, change toxic habits for healthy habits.

stone: Citrine

LIBRA High risk cycle! Breathe deeply and arm yourself with patience. Mars, with an unharmonious aspect with your sign, generates a lot of stress and pressure and seeks to mediate between conflicts. You have to lower your head and take the high road. Be humble and sacrifice yourself for harmony in work and family environment. Time to focus on your health – time to nourish and fortify healthy habits that support your well-being. Strong potential for accidents during this period, so be cautious and extra careful.

Key: Assertiveness when communicating and creating harmony in interpersonal relationships.

stone: Crystal Quartz

SCORPIO Just ask and the universe will respond! Touch and the doors will open. The transit of the great Zeus-Jupiter on your sign continues to bring you protection, prosperity and joys in your life. During this period activate your merit and open yourself to receive the benefits that life gives you. This cycle is charged with a lot of energy, you will feel that everything around you will be accelerated—things will be given in a blink of an eye. Do not miss the opportunities and make the most of everything.

Key: Conscious action in what you do will help you to specify without dispersing so much in the trivialities that take time and divert you from the objective.

stone: Amethyst

SAGITTARIUS In this stage the planetary aspects come loaded with high intensity! To be able to cope with the circumstances in the best possible way, you will require discipline, tact ,and family union. Strong activation of the past, the things that you left pending, the unresolved things, now it’s time to close cycles. This is a moment of spiritual openness; an opportunity to get closer to the Divine.

Key: Zero dispersion, keep your focus without losing sight of the goal, otherwise you will lose opportunities. Manage your time well. Wasting time is generating karma!

stone: Lapizlazuli

CAPRICORN You are receiving the influence of the cosmic administrator: Saturn, which symbolizes a period of much learning and maturity. This is ann auspicious moment for study, self-help readings, courses and workshops. At work reigns an atmosphere of susceptibilities. Be cautious with your words and comments, don’t gossip, envy may arise. Take things slowly.

Key: Prudence when speaking. Knowing what to say, to whom, and how you express it.

stone: Obsidian

AQUARIUS Good time for self-motivation, joy and enthusiasm. It activates cycle of opportunities outside your city and outside your country—the universe encourages you to travel. Take time for family and home care. In your work-professional area the demands and pressure will be the daily bread, so arm yourself with patience, use your sense of humor. During this period, stay active practicing a corporal discipline.

Key: Make decisions. Now is the time to act and make the necessary changes, avoid postponing your projects and launch without fear of new experiences, new challenges, new responsibilities. You have divine assistance.

stone: Garnet

PISCES Take advantage of the fact that you have a highly productive cycle at the mental level: innovative ideas and creativity. Good time to start studies, buy books, attend conferences, etc. During this cycle you have a strong predisposition to mystical experiences and contact with spiritual teachers. Try to get out of your daily routine by making changes in your lifestyle. Exercise, eat more healthily, meditate, dance—say goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle. When it comes to love, take time to reflect, be in solitude and better times will come. Patience.

Key: Activate the inner power of self healing energy

stone: Aquamarine

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