Massage, one of the procedures, is done with therapeutic oils (in most cases) unblocking, invigorating and opening the way for the expression of our talents and the fulfillment of our desires connected to love. The session includes a diagnosis from the point of view of ayurveda, scalding feet, massage with therapeutic oils and ayurveda sauna (swedana). In addition to this session, other types of procedures can be suggested.

Ayurveda means science of life. this extremely effective Indian medicine has been reported for over 7,000 years about. It is considered the oldest medicine in the world.


It is an exfoliation performed with coarse Himalayan salt, herbs (as basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, sage and others) and a little bit of Sesame oil. This procedure, in addition to removing dead cells, promotes the reduction of cellulite, reduces the swelling of the body and leaves the skin looking more youthful.

It is a treatment not only of physical detoxification, but also energy. The feeling of lightness and well-being are very common after this treatment.After exfoliation, we usually do the Ayurveda sauna followed by a bath to remove impurities from the skin.


After a massage on the chest, neck, face and head, we pour some warm therapeutic oil into the ear already heated with a hot water bottle. In addition to dissolving impurities and improving hearing, this procedure also brings an improvement in the respiratory tract, relaxation of the eyes, jaw, cervical and shoulders. It is widely used to bring peace of mind, improve sleep and to treat anxiety disorders. It also treats rhinitis, sinusitis and otitis.


Treatment consisting of oil or the use of other substances, like coconut milk, over the entire forehead and head. It is an extremely relaxing procedure providing relaxation, rejuvenation, vitality, clarity and more.

Used to treat anxiety, panic syndrome, psoriasis, memory weakness, depression and other types of imbalances. After a massage on the entire body, the patient, lying down, receives a flow of oil (or other substance) over your forehead influencing the appeasement of the nervous system and providing several benefits. Sessions can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half. For a good result, there should be 5 to 8 sessions.


Application of therapeutic oils or other medicines to the nostrils, which are the gateway to the brain and also one of the main channels of absorption of prana or vital energy. After a massage on the shoulders, neck, face and head, we drip the therapeutic oil into the nostrils. This type of treatment helps to reduce tensions in the shoulders and neck. Also used to treat renitis, insomnia, headache,low libido, anxiety and tiredness.