Siendo Retreats

Siendo retreats provide the space and time for us to share our love for yoga and longing for vibrant health. Our retreats have the intention to set the time in our calendars to prioritise our “me” time in order to maintain equilibrium among our life roles and thrive to purify our vital energy. At this retreat you willsurrender to the present experience, you will notice how and why yoga opens new channels of communication providing the righteous self-knowledge towards our unique human evolution.

Siendo’s retreats are an invitation to pause . connect . rewire.

Upcoming Retreat – SAVE THE DATE

LOVE & LIFE yoga Retreat | May, 2023 | Mykonos Greece

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Monthly Events


To be a leader of our path and truly embrace the equanimous state that our hearts hold beneath the surface, we must rise above the circumstances in our environment and surroundings, beyond the reactions of the physical planes, our emotional waves and the mental stream, to become that enlightened state of awareness. Where the true self whispers, the mind becomes a open chalace to receive intuition: the highest state of our luminous mind.

Monthly Breathwork Session
with Margaret Rosania

Upcoming session: Wednesday, November 30th | 18h | 60€

To understand anything non-physical, one needs a certain level of creativity and imagination. Frequencies are hard to see but easy to feel.

Margaret Rosania, Integrative Health Coach will guide a session where, with your active breath, selected essential oils and sound design curated music, you will elevate to a transcendental meditative state in a safe and relaxing environment.

Breathwork has the ability to take us to a trans state where the burnout state of mind, the overthinking and over mental stimuli is triggered to relax and dissolve any neuro blockages.

Full Moon in Taurus | Talk & Chanting Circle
with Margaret Rosania & Tosca Augustin

Monday, November 7th | 18h | FREE Open to all

Our sense of belonging, comfort, and our ability to use our resources are all qualities presented by the Taurus. Ruled by Venus, it draws us to approach everything with a sense of resilience and the power of perseverance, at times this energy might overflow and create stubbornness, and stagnation.

When we vibrate in the high frequency of the Taurus and move the subtleness yet functionality of Venus, we ground on our core principles to manifest and live the reality we are meant to live. Being that this moon is a lunar eclipse and that Venus is in proximity to the south node in Scorpio, except from this moonlight to bring from the depths of the subconscious shadows what needs to be seen for relationships to truly be FUNCTIONAL. Our Taurus zone has been gently and majorly shifting since Uranus, the revolutionary of the cosmos, has been there for quite some time. Are you ready to quantum leap out of your comfort zone?

Join us to get to know this frequency and set a synchronical intention with nature and the cosmos.

Integrative Talks | Mind-Body Medicine
with Dr. Ines Egídio de Sousa and Margaret Rosania

Thursday, November 17th | 18h | FREE

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” -Hippocrates

There is a connection between mental health and physical illness. Cognitive skills, lifestyle interventions and positive psychology have the ability to improve—and in some cases, prevent—stress-related illnesses.

Mind-body medicine includes the use of a variety of different practices such as meditation, breathing techniques or yoga that take advantage of the interactions among the mind, body, and behavior with the intent to promote health.

Join us to know more about these techniques that have been demonstrated to create beneficial changes in many of the body’s physiological responses and to make clinical differences in diverse stress related conditions and chronic pain, with big impact on quality of life.

The Science of Living | Preparing for Winter
with Daniela Geraldes, Ayurvedic therapist

Monday, November 28th | 18h | Free Open to all

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of maintaining health and preventing disease by following proper diet and lifestyle regimen rather than treating diseases – Swasthyashya Swasthya Rakshanam (to maintain the health of the healthy). For this purpose the Dinacharya (daily regimen) and the Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) have been mentioned in the Samhitas (classic texts of Ayurveda).

Tips for self care in Shishira Ritu (Winter season), how to embrace this next cycle with the wisdom of Nature and what are we being invited for in this moment of the year, are some of the points that we will be giving voice to during this session.