Siendo Events & Retreats


Movement is the expression of love. Its constant friction, traction and diverse dynamics make the powerful force of life morph and transform constantly, all in search of the perfect balance.

The harmony of giving and receiving, the equilibrium between surrender and presence, gives love the strength to grow without attachment.

Therefore, giving ourselves to the reality of constant change will enable peace to settle in our hearts as we observe LOVE bloom in its purest form

Full Moon in Scorpio | Talk & Chanting Circle
with Margaret Rosania & Tosca Augustin 

Monday, May 16th | 18h | FREE Open to all

Scorpio calls for introspection, for transformation. It’s the creative, sexual force that is dormant on the base of the spine which determines our vitality. This eclipsed moon in one of the zodiac signs that is most attached to its obsessions and depicts the cycles of death and rebirth provides us the opportunity to use the light to brighten our shadow and detach from everything that no longer serves our path.

Join us to get to know this frequency and set a synchronical intention with nature and the cosmos.

YONI | steam. share. sing.
with Margaret Rosania, Mar Michelle, Tosca Marie

Wednesday, May 4th | 18h | 35€

Women have worshiped the moon, their womb, their cycle and the sacred force of the feminine for centuries. We have created this session with  the intention to cultivate self love and nourish the sense of sisterhood  through the ancient practice of vaginal steaming, open-taboo less communication and rejoicing with the power of our voice.

Margaret, siendo founder, vaginal steaming facilitator and comsobiologist will guide us on how to nourish our wombs in synchronicity with the moon.
Mar, finance and purpose coach & creator of womb bowls, will lead us into sharing  our experiences in the paradox female journey.
Tosca, devotional singer, will lead us in the beauty of chanting.

The Power of the Breath | Breathwork session
with Margaret Rosania

Monday, May 30th | 18h | 60€ 

The way we breathe has often deeper consequences than perceived. The way we breathe reveals a lot about our general outlook on life. How much and how freely we breathe reflects how willing we are to trust what happens to us and to go with the flow of life.

Join us in this 45-minute-session where, with your breath, aromatherapy and music you will elevate to a meditative state in a safe and relaxing environment.

Allowing life to start showing you the synchronicities and patterns that align you with a force much greater than your ego and mind.

Open Yoga Practice & a talk on Bandhas | internal body locks
with Frederic Laville, physiotherapist and osteopath

Saturday, May 28th | 10h | FREE Open to all 

During the talk we will look at bandhas with an anatomical perspective.
How to engage Mula bandha and Uddiyana Bandha and even Jalandhara bandha.
What are the protective effects on the spine given by those bandhas during practice?
And what nervous balance can be reached due to their enhancement.
The understanding will be supported with schemas and clarified by Frédéric, our osteopath.
A strong practice can also be a safe one!

Guest Events

A Kundalini Journey
with Ella Mesma, yoga teacher

Saturday, May 21st | 10h | 25€

Plant seeds for growth, expansion & abundance in this immersive Kundalini class for beginners.

Kundalini is an ancient soul-nourishing practice which increases our physical vitality and expands our consciousness.

This ancient healing practice awakens and connects us to the divine energy within ourselves, so we can achieve a life full of lightness, joy, and boundless love.

The beauty of Kundalini Yoga lies in its truly holistic nature.

The practice is in itself meditative, whilst simultaneously strengthening the physical body, helping us to find peace in the present moment and occasionally comfort in the discomfort, Kundalini shifts us into a space of AWARENESS.

Through this inner healing work we can blossom into individuals able to honour our identity of truth – our true Sat Naam.

Ella (Maya Gandaia or Chand Sunderta Kaur’s) classes truly can be described as ‘moving meditation,’ with her nurturing teaching making this beautiful practice open & accessible to all.