What Siendo Does for You

Understanding we are all a unique universe; our programs are created based on the client’s reality with the intention to be attainable and sustainable. Always leading the individual to their innate healing power, our team curates an integrative program based in their needs and wellbeing goals.


Access Bar

Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

1hr session


Scent is the ether of smell, the superior octane on the musical scale that tunes us to the universe’s symphony.

Also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, is defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to promote holistic healing. It seeks to unify body, mind, and spirit to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.

With pure essential oils, we connect directly with the intuition and conscious awareness of what we need in a subtle way beyond what the mind knows.

When oils are used topically, the vibration in the body elevates. Being that the membranes of cells are made of photo lipids and proteins they allow the oils to enter the cell and cross the blood barrier and the brain, allowing the nervous system to carry a unique frequency and electro magnetic charge that will activate the wholesome and pure response of the body.

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The term “Ayurveda” combines the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science or knowledge). Ayurvedic medicine, as practiced in India, is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world.

Key concepts of Ayurvedic medicine include universal interconnectedness (among people, their health, and the universe), the body’s constitution (prakriti), and life forces (dosha), which are often compared to the biologic humors of the ancient Greek system. Using these concepts, Ayurvedic physicians prescribe individualized treatments, including compounds of herbs or proprietary ingredients, diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.

Ayurvedic products are made either exclusively of herbs or with a combination of herbs, metals, and minerals.

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Bach Flowers

The system

There are 38 tinctures in the Bach-Flower-System which can be mixed together to overall 298.000 combinations to aid with all the different shades of emotional states. It is a system that helps us to connect to our emotions and to establish a sense of equanimity in moments of unease. By doing so the Bach Flowers bring us closer to the unity of body, mind, and soul and hence they support our health and wellbeing.

The session

During this 50m session we will focus on the present situation and the emotions that are manifesting and fluctuating due to a specific circumstance in life. By diving into the different tonalities of this emotions we will identify ourselves with the negative aspect of them to select the flower tincture that will aid and support us emotionally to ease and harmonize this feelings. Out of this recognition we will create a remedy, with the synergy of flowers.

A 30ml bottle composed of Ionized water, a preserver and the incture will be handed to the client for them to take for two-three weeks.

It is a gentle and non invasive system that will grant the nourishment our emotional body needs to feel supported and released.

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Cosmobiology is the astrological theory that the rhythm and motion of the cosmos is the main factor in determining both nature and humans. It uses modern day methods of scientific research, such as statistics, analysis, and computer programming to decipher how the power of the plantes affect and influence each human being in their corresponding unique way. Combined with a person’s biography and history of health, cosmobiology provides ten fields of interpretation: constitution, expression and behavior, psychosomatic tendencies, depth-psychology, intelligence, drive and achievement, emotionality, communication, eroticism and sexuality and interests and profession.
Having this multi-dimension perspective of ourselves at hand enables us to better understand our nature, our challenges and our gifts. This, in turns, allows us to optimize our time here on Earth giving us the freedom and the clarity to act with decisiveness and confidence as well as to choose the experiences that will potentialize our existencial growth.

We, at siendo know that having access to the information that your cosmogram holds will aid immensely in your SELF discovery. We offer to create your cosmogram, explain it to you in detail and, with compassion and care, accompany you thru the cosmic ride that it holds.

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Deep tissue massage

A Massage is a way to relax the body and mind. It has a healing power that enhances the vagus nerve activity, releasing muscular and facial tension. Pressure during the massage may be deep but it needs to be precise along the muscles, fascia, and nerve lines plus around the joints or nodes, allowing the body to restore. A quote from Hippocrates: healing begins with an aromatic bath and a daily massage. Massage is a natural tool for a physiotherapist that is being used both in rehabilitation and in 5 Star Hotel Spas.


The destiny of an individual depends as well on the type of relationship that he/she creates and cultivates with his/her emotions on a daily basis, with the memories that condition him/her since his/her birth and his/her environment. 

My objective is that all the people who come to me for consultation manage to regulate their inner state, to change their emotional state which poses a problem to them, thus becoming the creator of their own life.

In a world where people’s behaviors are dictated by unconscious conditioning, it is sometimes necessary to wonder WHO is really directing WHO and WHY in their decisions, especially when these choices turn out to be obsolete. Many people are during their execution of a project confronted with blockages or limitations that prevent them from achieving what they are truly good at and to fully blossom! In the case of an individual that aims to grow harmoniously with his surrounding, it is now essential for the individual to build a good relationship with what leads him without his being aware of it, in order to release his inner blocks, to inspire and to put back in motion what he holds dear in a fluid and natural way.

With Hypno-coaching, I propose to individuals who come to consult me to acquire a method to structure themselves, to reconnect to their authentic being, to their ally who can be the child in them, who reconnects to their dreams, to their desires, to a world where everything becomes possible.

Through a customized Hypno-coaching and self-hypnosis teaching, I propose to individuals to become alchemists capable of reinventing the bond, to take back the reins of their Free Will, by weaving a new relationship with their history and with their unconscious, which they will be able to tap back into autonomously

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Integrative Health Coaching

It is through living our life that we learn, love and thrive.

Life is the most precious gift we have. The nourishment we give our bodies, the people we share our time with, and the spiritual and career choices we make, create our daily Reality.

As your health coach I will be by your side as you walk your path. Through observing and listening I will encourage you to discover what you need to do in order to prioritize your SELF and to LOVE fully.

Together, through twelve fifty minute sessions over the course of six months, we will create a sustainable plan that is designed for your lifestyle. Addressing areas such as nutrition, physical activity, relationships and career, I will empower you to define your ideal life as well as encourage you to stay true to your commitment to your Self

As a result you will strengthen your positive habits and increase your self awareness. This will guide you on your path to inner growth and to the realization of your life goals.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of manipulating the Chi in the space we live in.

Chi is in the food we eat and in the air we breathe. It occupies all spaces, even if invisible to the eyes. In Indian philosophy, this same energy is known as Prana.  It is the Vital energy that permeates everything and everyone.

Sharpening our perception, we can see how it moves around us, and through the techniques of Feng Shui, we interfere in its flow so that it moves in a harmonic and aligned way with our Nature. A Feng Shui consultation starts with practical tips to help the energy flow within the different areas of our spaces. Tips such as indicating a minimum spacing between furniture or removing objects without utility; Directing for deeper analysis, with the interference of geometry and the different elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air represented within the spaces.

Having as a key reference the position of the property in relation to the movement of the Sun, we can also identify weaknesses and potentialities within the eight areas: Success (Recognition), Prosperity, Family and Health, Self Knowledge and Spirituality, Work and Career, Friends and Travel, Creativity and Small Children, Relationships and Self-esteem. All areas we clearly identify in the property.

Our consultancies can be done on-site as well as remote.


This is in the paramedical field, aiming to provide rehabilitation after an injury
or a surgery.
It also aims to strengthen and stretch the body to achieve better aptitude in
daily life, sports and to alleviate some pain linked with muscular dysfunction.
Physiotherapy uses massaging, stretching, musculation, range of motion and
more, as tools to enhance the ability of movement.
We used to say movement is life!


Multi Reflexology is, for me, the new paradigm of Reflexology. It is a method of combining face, hand, Foot, ear and full body reflexes to provide a better balance in clients well being. It is a new approach of using reflexology more comprehensively, bringing greater benefit to both the client and the therapist. By shortening the number of sessions required, if only one part of the body was used to treat the client’s symptom. Multi-reflexology provides the practitioner of reflexology techniques with the ability to design protocols that are more effective and have longer lasting effects on the health of their clients.


This has been designed with the idea of interconnection in the body.
It aims to release lack of movement in the tissue in order to help improve
harmony in the body. It triggers not just articulation of the joints and bones, but all kinds of structures like nerves, arteries, fascia, viscera,(the internal organs) to
help them have more of their natural fluidity. We use manipulations, soft tissue techniques, and stretching and trigger points.

A quote from the founder of osteopathy (A.T. Still) : When you have adjusted the physical structure to its; normal demands, Nature supplies the remainder.


Energy is omnipresent and incessant. All we need is a guide and the willingness to access it in its purest form.

Using a gentle touch in the various vortexes of our bodies, the reiki master access this universal energy to channel its healing, restorative, and vitalizing qualities with the intention for it to go where it is mostly needed and establish an energetic homeostasis.

Reiki is accessible to everyone and it is a safe practice.

The reiki session is a 60 minutes of total relaxation and surrender. After creating a warm safe environment, where you feel comfortable and at ease, you will feel the energy flowing though you as the practitioner places his/her hands in specific areas of your body. Trust that this current of energy is what you need to stimulate the movement of your own intrinsic healing power.

Stones & Crystals

Before the symbol there is an energy that carries in itself the primordial soul and coding of a story that has journey many moons to find its meaning. Kept in the warmth of Mother Earth and devoted to a silent self discovery, powered by her will, she surrendered to the only thing she could do move. Alone, in the dark and keeping silent it connects with the internal spiral that will reveal its purpose and potential. Surrendered to the eternal laps of time, with no expectations the teachings within the stone awaits for love to take her to the spirit it longed for its devotion, it’s master.

A talisman in a symbol of union, a commitment of two forces that in an act of love give themselves to the invisible current of growth.

A Talisman is a symbol of protection, a symbol of revelations, a symbol of continuity, a symbol of embodiment.

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Thai Massage + Body Work

Thai Massage also translated as “Sacred Medicine” is an ancient healing system combining acupressure and energy balancing techniques, Indian Ayurvedic  principles and assisted yoga poses. Its intend is to free trapped energy, stimulate the natural flow of life-force, and maintain a general balance of wellness.

My teachers, Kimmana Nichols and Bruno Sebastian – co-founders of the Thai Vedic System -, have opened my senses and my curiosity to this therapy and started me on this amazing path of giving and receiving, an exchange that takes place during my bodywork.

In a Vedic Thai Yoga Massage treatment I apply flowing rhythmic compressions using my feet, arms, elbows, hands and fingers. Together we move in harmony, following our breath, without agenda. No session is like another, as no person is like any other.

Session are 1.5 hours.  It is recommended to not eat at least 2 hours prior to the treatment and to wear comfortable long sleeve pants and top without zippers, buttons, etc.


In transpersonal psychology all different layers of which the human being consists – biological, psychological and spiritual – are taken into account. Matters are observed and considered from the point of view of the soul – the Essential Being that lives within you – and of the unconditional love that wishes to express itself.

In order for the soul to blossom, one must release emotional and energetic blocks, recover personal power and allow the self to mature. This will bring internal and external balance, as well as meaning and purpose in life.

Only a mature self who has made peace with their own story and acknowledges their emotional wounds can transcend and become the co-creator of their own life. The goal is to release limited and unconscious beliefs and patterns – a shift in awareness and expansion of consciousness, which leads to true growth and evolution.

From this path of reconnection of who you are in your essence while rooted to your personal power, you will experience immense compassion, love, enthusiasm, inner peace, and a deeper intuition. You will love yourself and your life.

Vaginal Steaming

YONI | Sanskrit योनि  | WOMB

“vagina”, “vulva”, and “uterus”

the divine force and the divine mother.

According to Tantric texts, yoni is the source of life.

YONI STEAMING | also known as vaginal steaming, is an ancient practice that uses the heat from herbal steam to lightly permeate the outside of a woman’s vagina and allow detoxification. yoni steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body and utilize the wisdom of plant medicine to heal your cycle.

Siendo’s founder, Margaret Rosania is a Vaginal Steam Facilitator that works with woman to regulate their cycle, potencialize their vitality and harmonize their moods.

Schedule a session to discover the intimate connection to your higher Self through the subtle force of your feminine power.

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Personalize Integrative Programs

Health is the vehicle to keeping the enthusiasm and energy to living fully. Sustaining the zest requires self knowledge and love.

Everyday or life-changing care.
We're here when you need us.

Autoimmunve & Inflammation

Hashimoto´s thyroiditis | Inflammatory bowel disease |Rheumatoid arthritis |Lupus

Digestion & Nutrition

Irritable bowel syndrome | Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth | Heartburn and acid reflux | Leaky gut | Constipation and diarrhea |Food intolerances | Chronic bloating and gas | Ulcerative colitis | Chrome disease

Pain Control | Body Fascia + Deep tissue Health

Back, Lombar, Joints | Scar sensitivity | Muscular contraction | Neurogenic pain | Chronic Pain | Movement limitation | Face paralisia

Psychology of eating

Microbiome balance and health | Fasting Methodologies | Eating disorders and disturbances

Hormonal health

hair loss
low libido
temperature intolerance
brain fog
irregular cycle
weight changes

Mental Wellbeing

anxiety control
brain fog
low energy
difficulty concentrating
changes in appetite or weight
Stress control

Emotional Wellbeing

low mood
loss of interest in most activities
feeling hopeless



Post surgery Recovery

sleep ritual
colic care
emotional balance
attention, focus
seasonal allergies
Congênita Torticolo
Digestive issues

Life changes

Career transformations
burn out
Heart break up
Reduction of symptoms and quality of life during cancer treatments

Pediatric care

sleep ritual
colic care
emotional balance
attention, focus
seasonal allergies
Congênita Torticolo
Digestive issues

Feminine care & fertility care

hormone testing and analysis
nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
Synchronize with the moon rhythms
Menstrual cycle harmonizing
natural gynecology and self care
Miscarriages post care
Abortion care and support
Siendo Therapists

We believe in the beauty that arises from an ongoing synergistic collaboration. We shine as our constellation grows. Always seeking for genuine professionals that like us believe in integrative practices, our hearts remain open to get to know unique work. Reach out if your heart resonate with ours.

Margaret Rosania

Integrative Medicine Health Coach

During this journey Margaret immersed herself in the fields of yoga, astrology, aromatherapy, acupuncture, the healing powers of stones and crystals, moxibustion and art therapy.
Having developed a deep compassion and empathy, and possessing a profound understanding of the body, mind and spirit, Margaret started to apply her knowledge to assist people in their physical, emotional and lifestyle ailments. Using her intuition and her wisdom, she has accompanied and assisted people from all over the world in creating wholesome, balanced and grounded lives.

Pauline Carbo


Pauline CARBO has evolved in the world of filmmaking as a documentary director in regions of conflict in different part of the world, as a coach in personal and professional development, and as a hypnologist.
Passionate about the transmission of transdisciplinary knowledge and its interpretations, Pauline Carbo accompanies individuals to rediscover their modes of functioning and thus better recreate a quality relationship with their environment by revealing their resources and hidden talents thanks to numerous tools including self-hypnosis,
Having lived on different continents such as Nepal, Indonesia and the Middle East, in Berlin or Paris, her work as a Hypnologist focuses on the legacy of unconscious memories, transmitted from generation to generation, and how these can shape the choices of an individual without his knowledge in his evolution. Her approach focuses mainly on unconscious memories and their repetitive patterns in the individual and collective construction.

Cauhe Motta


Cauhe is an architect, yoga practitioner and Feng Shui specialist. These three characteristics defines him to a great extent.
He graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo in 2008. At the same time he was diving and deepening into the studies and practices of the recently discovered world of Yoga. In the two years that followed, he ventured into training and travels of self-knowledge through the United States, Europe, and India. Yoga and Architecture walked in parallel for a long time, jet the uneasiness in joining these worlds pulsed within him.
Finding Feng Shui was the answer to that. It was the subtle side of architecture he was looking for, as well as the way to bring to the clients’ projects the same contentment and depth that he experienced with his Yoga students.

Raquel Matos

Psychologist and Transpersonal Therapist

Yoga and meditation practitioner for almost 20 years, clinical psychologist and transpersonal therapist. Raquel began to wonder about the meaning and purpose of life from an early age. She found tools in yoga and meditation that help her find balance and inner peace on a daily basis. In the last decade, she devoted herself to the teaching and practice of Ashtanga Yoga at the school she founded in Coimbra, Coimbra Yoga. In addition, she has explored the paths of Sacred Feminine, Shamanism and Health Coach for the past years. Nowadays, she does one-on-one sessions, facilitates lectures, courses, workshops and retreats. Because she believes that life is sacred and should be lived as such, her mission is to facilitate the awakening of consciences and to help those who seek her to find genuine love, peace, and joy of life.

Paula Menezes Bravo

Multi Reflexology

With several formations in complementary therapies (feet, face, hands ears reflexology, biomagnetic pair among many others), she became a professional in natural health and therapies.
She is graduated from the IEFP (Instituto de Emprego e Formação Professional), graduated in Full Body Reflexology, Face Reflexology Dien Chan, reflexology applied to patients with cancer, diabetes, pregnancy, among others.
Passionate about research, she creates specific protocols to help balance the health and well-being of those who seek it. Organizes workshops, courses and lectures. Mentor of the concept «Multi Reflexology» in Portugal and the project «Care, Love». Author of the didactic booklet “The First Steps in Reflexology” to help parents and educators in the application of of foot reflexology in a practical and simple way in children. Multireflexology is her way of Care and Love

Tina Sahl

Thai Massage

Tina is a certified Thai Vedic Bodywork & Yoga Therapist and Lifestyle Consultant. After having spent more than 23 years of her life predominantly in Japan and Thailand, she has settled in Portugal where she now lives with her life partner.
Several times a year she facilitates Wellness Retreats for people seeking some outdoor adventure in a healthy environment with daily immersions of Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork/Massage and optional Ayurvedic Workshops.She is also in charge of all outdoor activities at Siendo, such as hikes, picnics and excursions.
Tina’s yoga journey started during her life in Thailand. To compensate for the physical demands of many years of extreme sports on her body, she started with a regular Ashtanga practice which she maintains up to now. After experiencing with different styles of Yoga and practicing with teachers such as Petri Raisanen, Barbra Noh, Kimmana, Hendry Hamish, Sofia Araujo she was also drawn to Holistic Restorative/Yin Yoga which complements her Bodywork/Massage work in a beautiful way.

Diego Carrasco

Medical Advisor Specialist

Doctor with undergraduate training at Universidad del Rosario Bogotá -Colombia, Specialist in Internal Medicine, postgraduate training at Centro Hospitalario Universitario de Lisboa Central (Portugal), Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy) and Harvard University (Boston-USA) , Sub-specialist in Pain Control and Palliative Medicine at the Catholic University of Portugal, currently dedicated to treatment and research in the area of Digestive System Cancer.