In this consultation, you will meet with an Internal Medicine specialized physician who is available to know you and address any problem or medical concern that you may have. He/she will start by inquiring about some of your general and personal information, as well as your personal and familiar medical background. Then, a detailed exploration of your symptoms or concerns will be discussed, followed by a physical examination; and finally a diagnostic impression with a proposal of a management plan. At the end of the consultation, we hope to have your full and complete medical history with the aim of proceeding with our integrative approach designed especially for you.


In this two hour consultation, you will be accompanied by a health coach and a specialized internal medicine physician, whom are willing to talk and listen to you, with the aim of getting to know you as a whole being, with all your personal, medical and life conditions, as well as your desires, aspirations and concerns at this stage of your life. At the end of this consultation, we hope to have your entire clinical health history to be able to propose a pathway or integrative treatment that could provide you with the most beneficial outcomes.


We are pleased to approach our patients with a different integrative perspective, although, at times, we also make our decisions, guide and support our patients with objective and necessary measures. This is the reason why, if it is required, we could provide medical prescriptions to blood tests or other types of exams depending on your specific condition.