DROP Corporate

Understanding the importance of a peaceful environment, harmonious relations and assertive communication in the workplace, siendo has created the One Drop program, to provide conscious corporations the opportunity to offer their employees space to gather, connect and grow as a whole.

Dedicating 60 minutes to integrative practices allows for the practitioner to feel regenerated and ready to produce to his full potential and to let their unique light shine through every task.

DROP Hotels

Connected all the time, but we have lost a sense of belonging, grounding, comfort and the true connection whether within ourselves or with others around us that comes with a strong foundation of home. Our nomadic lives cultivate the avant guard vision of a universal soul as well as enhance our ability to challenge our selves to constant adaptation.

This self-care hotel program provides travelers with the space to align with the local frequency of the geographic area, set an intention for their visit, and relax, reboot and re-energize.

DROP Schools

An environment wholly dedicated to growing through experiences and learning is the ideal canvas to plant the seed for SELF knowledge.

Dedicating the time to pure and concentrated integrative care practices assures a regenerated individual ready to produce to their full potential and shine their uniqueness through every experience. This self-care school program provides teachers, parents and children the means to set a learning and growing intention to their practice, connect in a subtle level, relax, reboot and re-energize.