Siendo´s revelatios | designed by Sara Tsou Before the symbol there is an energy that carries in itself the primordial soul and coding of a story that has journey many moons to find its meaning. Kept in the warmth of Mother Earth and devoted to a silent self discovery,  powered by her will, she surrendered to the only thing she could do move.  Alone, in the dark and keeping silent it connects with the internal spiral that will reveal its purpose and potential. Surrendered to the eternal laps of time, with no expectations the teachings within the stone awaits for love to take her to the spirit it longed for its devotion, it’s master.


A talisman in a symbol of union, a commitment of two forces that in an act of love give themselves to the invisible current of growth.

A Talisman is a symbol of protection, a symbol of revelations, a symbol of continuity, a symbol of embodiment.


As you open your field we will listen.

The stone finds you. She moves to reveal the steps you have taken and the secrets you hold.

Your Vulnerability is the key to your heart’s locket, the home of your ardent flame.

As much as you care for yourself she will care for you.Unconditionally.

Blessed by the sun washed by the moon.

In this union, a symbol is born.



The talisman session provides the space for us to connect our electromagnetic fields for them to synchronize and in this union revela your story, your stone and the sacred geometry that holds the power of your ancestral linage.

Once your talisman is crafted you will receive a one year lunar programming guide for you to consciously wire it to you and your spiritual purposes.

This session requires your day, time, place of birth as well as your patience, since the timing for the stone and the revelations to come forward is not defined by us but by the field.

Each stone has its own way of cleansing and charging. Some need water, others salt, smoke or essential oils.For it to keep alive and healthy it is important to learn how to care for them according to their characteristics and properties.When cleansing and charging them, be mindful it is an act of devotional magic.Therefore the receptacle is an important artifact in the act of programming stones.

Choose one that has this unique purpose.


We have paired to Mar Hausler at womb bowls to design Siendo’s personalized charging bowls based on your birth black moon and phase.